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As a carpet cleaning experts in Cypress Texas, we can remove any stubborn stains from the fibers of your carpet and return your carpets into the charm they used to have. Our efficient method of carpet and upholstery cleaning makes your carpets clean in no time, without using harsh chemicals. Whether you want to remove a tough stain or restor a carpet to be like new, call our carpet cleaning experts now.

For your precious carpet choose only an experienced and certified technicians who understand how to correctly sanitize and look after your carpets and upholstery. Our professional carpet cleaning crew are experienced and trained to use the correct cleaning method that will fit each type of your upholstery or carpet fiber in order to elminate the most possible amount of dirt, and guarantee long lasting results that prolong the life of your carpet or upholstery. Our cleaning equipment and methods are designed to abstract the hardest spots and totally renew your carpet fabrics, making them smell, feel and look great. The products we use are green, pet and environmental friendly. house-cleaners

Our highly trained crew uses state of the art cleaning equipment which reach deep into the carpet strands till it reaches the padding, then uproot all carpet stains from the fresh one to step-in stains, allergens and germs, top soil and embedded dirt. Our certified professional grade and traditional green cleaners remove all the stubborn stains and spills leaving your house with a clean and fresh smelling floors which is totally safe for your kids and pets to play on it.

If you're looking for a cleaning service that will deliver effective results without putting unnecessary strain on delicate or fragile fabrics, then talk to us now about our cleaning method. Delivered by our team of highly trained and experienced cleaners, it will come as the perfect solution for a wide range of fabrics and styles.

Our cleaning carpets takes advantage of a high-pressure hot water extraction technique - cleaning your carpets with jets of of water and detergent, while simultaneously vacuuming up the dirt and grime as it is released. One of the benefits of our cleaning method is that your carpets are not left holding as much moisture as with our regular cleaning - which makes them faster to dry.

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